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Anxiety and Stress


Anxiety and stress are all too common in today’s fast-paced culture. Many people, believing that they are “stuck” and unable to change things, dismiss the effects of stress as a “normal” part of life. Taking on more responsibilities at work and home while trying to juggle finances, health, and relationships can leave you feeling impatient, fatigued, and just plain “worn out.”

You may falsely believe that others are better at “holding it all together” and you may wonder what you are doing wrong. Your self-esteem and confidence may decrease, and you may find yourself experiencing symptoms of social anxiety. Some people, in an effort to alleviate their anxiety, may turn to alcohol, drugs, or other unhealthy ways of coping. These habits may temporarily postpone the unpleasant feelings of anxiety, but in the end, may cost a person their job, relationships, and/or health. Anxiety, when unchecked, can cause fear to the point of dictating one’s behaviours, leading to phobias, OCD, and – in its extreme form – panic attacks.


It is my belief and experience that there are healthy and effective ways to manage life’s demands and bring joy back into one’s days. Let me help you to find balance and bring fun back into your life so that you may wake up each morning with a sense of enthusiasm and hope instead of apprehension and dismay.