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Life Transitions


As human beings we are initiated into a life of change by the very nature of our birth. We are thrust into a world where we must learn to move and communicate. We experience change in physical size and ability. We change friends, schools, neighborhoods. We may change jobs or careers. Our romantic partners may change, as do our roles within our families.

Change is inevitable and yet comes with a price. As Arnold Bennett once said, Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts. In other words, even when we choose to make a change, transitions are tough. Change can take us out of our comfort zone and challenge our sense of stability and peace. The unknown can seem intimidating and may shake our confidence, especially when we realize that we have little or no control of the outcome.


We need not lose hope! Just as we are born to a life of transitions, we are also born with the innate ability to weather changes and to adapt. Using proven cognitive behavioural strategies and mindfulness-based interventions, I can help you to ride the waves of change and achieve serenity in your life.