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Grief and Loss


Losses are often the most difficult of life transitions. The word “bereavement” translates to “torn apart”. You may feel as though you have been torn apart and that you are stranded in the wilderness of a foreign land. Grief impacts us in five domains: physically, emotionally, cognitively, socially, and spiritually.

  • Physically – you may experience sleep disturbance, decreased appetite, weight loss or gain, fatigue, and pain.
  • Emotionally – you may fluctuate between sadness, anger, guilt, relief, and any number of other feelings.
  • Cognitively – you may have difficulty concentrating, staying on task, and your memory may be impaired. Ordinary tasks may seem insurmountable.
  • Socially – you may want to be alone, or you may fear isolation from others. You may feel resistant to openly mourning your loss with friends or family, believing that you need to be “strong” for them.
  • Spiritually – you may find yourself in a “crisis of faith” as you question life’s meaning and purpose.

Let me walk with you as you journey through this dark time in your life. You won’t “get over” grief any more than you “get over” love, but you can reconcile this loss in your life and experience a life of hope and joy once again.