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Are You Struggling With Grief, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, or Relationship Problems?

If you are reading this, chances are that you have been impacted by a loss, a life transition, depression, stress and anxiety, relationship concerns, or a spiritual crisis. When we talk about grief, we are typically referring to the profound pain experienced after someone dies. Grief, however, is by no means unique to death. We may experience grief over many types of loss, as well as over stages of life that involve transitions. When we lose something — a job, a dream, or our health — or when life takes a new turn, either expected or unexpected, we can find ourselves overwhelmed, lost, and grieving. In addition to causing grief, these losses and life transitions can also lead to depression, stress, anxiety, or relationship concerns.


Maybe you are going through a divorce and feeling as though you’ve lost your identity. Perhaps you’re struggling with infertility and are grieving the loss of your dream to have biological children. Maybe you’ve recently lost a job, been diagnosed with an illness, or are journeying into retirement. Or maybe everything in your life seems to be going well, but you feel depressed and are finding it harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning. Any type of life transition or loss can cause grief; similarly, depression, stress, anxiety, relationship concerns, or spiritual crisis can creep into our lives at any stage.

Your Feelings Are Normal.

You may feel like your life is out of control or that no one understands your situation. “Retirement was supposed to be my happily ever after,” you may be thinking, “so why do I feel so lost?”. Or, “I was only six weeks along – why is this miscarriage hitting me so hard?” Maybe your faith has been shaken in the wake of a serious loss, but you don’t know how to voice what your heart is asking — “God, did you abandon me?” It is perfectly normal to find loss and life changes difficult. It is human nature to protest change and to react strongly to the upset of stability.

Therapy FAQs.

Why Should I Consider Therapy?

In the same way that a doctor is specially trained to set and cast a broken arm, a physiotherapist to restore body mobility, and a chiropractor to heal issues of the spine, a counsellor is specially trained to to focus on human development, emotions, cognition, and mental health. A doctor wouldn’t expect you to set your broken arm on your own, nor would a physiotherapist or chiropractor advise you to treat your physical issues by yourself. As a trained counsellor, I offer expertise that is specifically tailored to support and heal the various emotional and mental challenges that may arise in your life. I hope you will take advantage of this resource. Your emotional and mental health needs are valid and you don’t have to struggle alone.

Why Theberge Counselling?

In addition to my experience as a Registered Psychologist, I received further training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Mindfulness-based interventions. I was recently awarded certification in Death and Grief Studies through the Center for Loss in Colorado under the mentorship of Dr. Alan Wolfelt. In my sessions, I utilize both my professional and personal life experiences as I approach each client with empathy, warmth, and acceptance. I recognize that each client has unique circumstances, needs, and strengths. I work with clients to create a treatment plan personally suited to them. During sessions, I may employ Mindfulness, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solution-Focused, and other techniques — all of which show evidence of having tremendous positive results.

What Can I Expect During My First Session?

During the initial session, you and your counsellor will complete a small amount of paper work as well as go over your goals for counselling and how counselling might benefit you. Together you and your counsellor will make a plan that is personally tailored to your unique strengths and goals. Your counsellor will often give you some things to do between sessions such as journaling, recording thoughts, reading, or other strategies specific to your situation. You are your greatest agent of change, so the more work you do at home, the quicker you will see results.

What Are Your Fees?

The fee for services at Theberge Counselling Inc. is $220 per session as set by the Psychologists Association of Alberta schedule of fees. There is no GST charged for psychological services. Many extended health plans reimburse these fees or they may be covered by your employee health benefits. Please check with your insurance provider and/or employer prior to accessing services. Payment is due at the time of session using cash, debit, credit card, or e-Transfer. A written receipt will be provided for reimbursement from your insurance company. Remember, your first 15-minute phone consultation at Theberge Counselling is FREE!

Let Me Support You

If you are dealing with grief, depression, anxiety, spiritual crisis or relationship concerns, you may be wondering if life will ever be good again. Theberge Counselling Inc. was established to meet the unique needs of those impacted by grief, loss, and life transitions. With compassion, collaboration, and care, I strive to deliver hope to those whose life challenges have become overwhelming. If you would like to explore how you might benefit from counselling, please call for a free, 15-minute phone consultation.