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Just as our bodies need food and our brains need stimulation, I believe that each of us has a spiritual side that needs care. At Theberge Counselling your spirituality will be respected and valued no matter what your religious affiliation or spiritual perspective. Personally, I am a Christian who was raised within an active church community. My professional experience has exposed me to a great variety of other faiths and I hold much admiration and appreciation for the diversity of beliefs held within my community.

Having undergone my own disappointments and adversities in life, I understand how difficult it can be to maintain one's faith when difficulties occur. Losses may be especially hard as you struggle with doubts and despair. You may feel anger and disappointment in God and wonder why this is happening to you. You may also feel abandoned by your faith community if people inappropriately dismiss your pain as God’s will. I empathize with your spiritual crisis and want to help in a manner that feels comfortable and appropriate for you. If you wish to explore how Theberge Counselling can meet your needs for Christian or Spiritual counselling, please call for a free 30-minute consultation.

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Daytime appointments available Monday through Thursday.
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